This blog is a platform for storytelling, teaching, relating, reviewing and offering satirical commentary.  The topics are many and varied as they are subject to my feminine whims and Marty’s attention-deficit ramblings.   Our adventures around the United States and around the globe will be shared.  We love to review restaurants and cities.  We  will share our passion for simple country life and crazy urban dwelling.  We have a house in the country that has been in our family for 4 generations and we love to do some city dwelling via hotels or AirBnB.  We encourage our readers to engage in conversation; share their experiences and comment on our blog.  We will mix it up and hopefully there will be something for everyone to enjoy!  As a married couple for 27 years; parents of 3 grown daughters; host parents to 7 other children; empty nesters and lovers of adventure…our blog is a platform to share our lives with you!  We will mix it up with a little faith, introspection and moments of teaching.  It’s all about the journey!


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