Perspective…a guiding principal

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As I begin this blog, I was trying to figure the best way to start.  A new blog is like a fresh blanket of snow, perfect.  As I begin to make tracks through this blog experience; I just want to get going!  There is so much I want to share and have been consumed with the need to write for the last year.  Often I get “downloaded” into my mind full blog entries while I am showering in the morning.  I will start with an idea or thought; sometimes a scripture will come to mind and soon an illustration or example follows.  But I get stuck when it comes to getting it written down in the computer.  There have been so many barriers to getting this blog written.  The idea of needing design perfection seems to always dog me.  I want it to be pretty and perfect!  But the reality is, I just need to write and stop making excuses.

I am excited about the future!  I have had many various chapters in my life.  You can certainly go to the sections of my blog that give my life’s story.  I have reinvented myself many times with at least 3 distinctly different careers. Right now I feel the direction to do something; to move forward.  I am a flight attendant and about a week ago, I looked out the window when we were traveling 36,000 feet about South Dakota.  There was on one side of the plane a blanket of fresh snow covering the earth.  Yet, when I looked out the other side of the plane, all I saw was brown earth.  It amazed me that there could be such a different perspective from one side of the plane to the other.  So often, I feel I live my life looking out of just one side of the plane.  Do we ever get to see the whole picture?  Thankfully, God can see the whole picture and I am grateful He is the pilot in control of my life.  I want the view He has.  When I am flying at 36,000 feet; life on the ground looks small. He is a big God and that always seems more apparent to me when I look at the vastness of our beautiful country from above.

As I long to see the big picture, I have been asking God where my future flight plan goes and what the next destination is.  I know my eventual home will be in heaven; that I am certain of. But the plan He has for my life intrigues me.  I have taken a step back lately and decided that I want my time to count.  Time has definitely slipped away from me the last year or so.  A blink of an eye and time is gone. I enjoy my job as a flight attendant and I am committed to working this job as long as God sees fit.  My plan is to work until age 55; retire with flight benefits for Marty and I for the rest of our lives.  But God does number our days and I am not promised anything.   I have always wanted to live a life of purpose and lasting impact.  God has planted some new desires in my heart and I am excited to share that journey with you!  While I continue as a flight attendant daily, I need to be more productive with my time.  Facebook just doesn’t fill all my spare time! So I plan to order my steps a little more deliberately.  Hold on tight and keep those seatbelts fastened!